Update - January 17, 2011
posted: 01/17/11

Well Happy New Year everyone! I hope your 2011 is off to a great start! The holidays seem to have come and gone with the blink of an eye and we're already half way through the first month of the year.

With all the projects I currently have on the go, the days continue to fly by. I'm looking forward to instructing my second songwriting course at The ACT, which is coming up fast as well as performing and hosting our April 2nd concert (this will be one special night). I'm busy writing and filming the last of the videos we need to launch our Songwriter City website and to top of it off, I've taken on the job as Executive Producer for Todd Richard's upcoming recording project in Nashville. It's all very exciting stuff.

In regards to my own music it continues to be on hold for the time being. I continue to co-write (when I can find the time) with a few of the new artists I have been assisting such as Todd Richard. Once Todd's project is completed you'll have a chance to hear a number of my latest co-writes. I have no doubt these songs are going to sound great as they'll be produced in Nashville by Award Winning Producer Bart McKay who has gathered a stellar line up of musicians for these recording sessions. We'll be heading to Music City at the end of February and if things go as planned Todd's first single will be released sometime in late spring. This will be the first official release of a Rick Tippe song (co-write) since Sandra Laratta released "Better than Beautiful" this time last year.

I hope you can join me at one of our upcoming events at The ACT and in the meantime take care and all the best in 2011!

Update - December 23, 2009
posted: 12/23/09

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well. A number of months have gone by since our last Newsline and although you haven't heard much from me or Moon Tan Music lately we have been extremely busy working behind the scenes on a number of things. One has been the Ricky's Music World project. There is still a tremendous amount of work ahead of us to complete the project so in order to get it completed I will be taking a hiatus from live performances for the time being. As soon as the project is completed I will begin pursuing opportunities to once again take to the stage. I have been doing a fair bit of co-writing that I really enjoy and I've been busy assisting a number of new artists with their careers who are clients of RMW. In the New Year you'll be hearing from one of these new artists, Sandra Laratta and there is more on Sandra in this issue of the Newsline.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You all for your continued support in 2009. Your support has played a key role in the success I have enjoyed over the years and without it who knows where I would be. As I mentioned I am busy working with a number of new artists and they are really great people who could also use your support. As we move forward and I begin to introduce them to you I would encourage you to take a look at these aspiring new recording artists, songwriters and entertainers. If you like what you see and hear, then by all means please show them your support. I know all too well how hard the road ahead of them can be and you can definitely help make a difference with their careers just the way you have made a difference with mine.

I would also like to Thank all of you that have sent me a birthday wish. Although at my age one really prefers to forget that they are another year older, I do appreciate you thinking of me.

Finally I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope Santa and 2010 treat you right! Here's to a safe and Happy Holiday Season and a brand new decade!

- Rick

A look back at 2008
posted: 01/07/09

Hi everyone. First I would like to personally wish you all the very best in 2009! The Kings of Cool and I had a great time ringing in the New Year with the party goers in Ladner, B.C. and I hope you had a great time on December 31st as well.

Second I would like to Thank everyone that has sent me a Christmas and/or Birthday card. I really appreciate you thinking of me and taking the time to send your well wishes.

2008 was quite the year. There were a lot of highs and thankfully only a few lows. Some of the highs included the release our first full length CD in many years The Power of One. It's received favorable reviews all around and should continue to do well for us throughout '09. We secured worldwide download distribution on the internet with the big hitters iTunes, Rhapsody, AmazonMP3 and Napster for six of our CDs. We had sales in 13 countries including Japan, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, France and Sweden to name a few.

We released two new songs to Canadian radio, Radio On and Forever and two new music videos The King of Honky Tonks and Cool and Forever.

I made a national TV appearance in March not for my music but for my hobby, collecting Hot Wheels. 2008 was the little toy car's 40th anniversary.

In June London Drugs stores in western Canada began to carry physical copies of our new CD The Power of One. Thanks to Mark Simpson for making that happen. I made numerous in-store appearances this past year at Zellers, London Drugs and Canadian Tire stores in B.C. and Alberta.

In July for the first time in my career I had three songs released to radio simultaneously that I had either written or co-written. That's Life with Nikki Werner and Little Red Book with Warne Noyce and the Combine Pilots. Also in July we signed on with Mike McEdwards at Encore Entertainment who continues to work hard behind the scenes for us. Our tour dates kept us close to home with shows in western Canada.

In August we posted our first video on YouTube which was my infamous falling off the stage at our Abbotsford Agrifair show. That video now has over 2,800 viewings. Then in October we released the Forever music video on www.ricktippe.com and YouTube. Currently all of the Official Rick Tippe Videos we have released on YouTube have a combined total viewing of close to 10,000 views.

In late October Hevy'd Popcorn launched their national promotional campaign to help Canadian recording artists (us included) gain stronger national exposure by offering free music downloads of their music with a free download card found inside each bag of popcorn. Hevy'd is currently working on a CD to raise funds for their We Salute Our Heroes project that supports the families of Canadian soldiers. We are looking forward to being a part of this endeavor as well.

Two big highlights were sharing the stage with one individual, my father Elmer Tippe. The first was in September at our sold out concert at The ACT in Maple Ridge, my hometown. It was great to share the stage with my dad and hear the tremendous support he received throughout the evening. We donated $1,000.00 from the ticket sales to JRfm's Basics for Babies. The second highlight was at the Terry Fox Theatre in Port Coquitlam where dad and I hosted the BCCMA Hall of Fame event. Dad was really on top of his game that night. He had the audience and me in stitches throughout the evening with his great stories of the past as we introduced each inductee. Like the MasterCard commercial says...Priceless.

Another great high was witnessing our webmaster Todd Hamilton receive his first BCCMA award for his awesome work on ricktippe.com. Todd has been a dear friend for over a decade now and while you and I have appreciated his work for many years here at www.ricktippe.com it was nice to see the membership of the BCCMA recognize Todd's hard work as well. Congrats again Todd!

Throughout 2008 I co-wrote a dozen new songs. The majority were written with new artist and BCCMA Horizon Award nominee Sandra Wainwright who is working on her first full length CD to be released in 2009. Late in the year I co-wrote another song Dashboard Days with Nikki Werner and her husband Chris. Nikki is also working on her next CD that she hopes to release later this year.

The lows I mentioned involved the passing of three wonderful women that were great friends and supporters of The Kings of Cool and me. We truly looked upon all of these ladies as our friends, not as our fans, as we do with all of you. We continue to send our deepest sympathies to all of their families and friends…to Sharon Locke of Edmonton, Alberta, Cheryl Law of Roberts Creek, B.C. and Faye Bell of Ogema, Saskatchewan. You are missed, but not forgotten.

Well now that 2008 is behind us there is still plenty of work to do in 2009. We will be releasing a number of singles to Canadian radio from The Power of One, starting with Last Call. We are actively working on solidifying more concert dates. I have plans to keep on writing more songs on my own as well as continuing to co-write. We hope to put together another music video or two and I have a very special project we hope to launch in April. I can't go into too much detail at this time but what I can tell you is, it's a new website called Ricky's Music World and if you are an aspiring singer, songwriter or independent recording artist it's a place I hope you will find beneficial and fun.

Once again I can't Thank You enough for your continued support. You inspire me every day to do this crazy thing I do.

Here's wishing you an amazing 2009!

- Rick

Welcome to OUR new website!
posted: 08/11/07

Hi there! This is an exciting time for me, I'd like to thank you for stopping by.

As you can see we have just launched OUR new website. What I mean by OUR new website is that this site has been designed with you in mind. One of our main goals was to make this site interactive - for you and me. There are a lot of things you can participate in on the new site and I hope you'll take advantage of them.

Before I tell you all about the new website I would like to first say that I truly appreciate everyone's continued support. While you haven't heard much from me in the past few years, I can tell you that I've been busy recharging the batteries. With a brand new CD in the box, I am seriously ready to rock...country style!

Now back to OUR new website! Let me point out some of its features.

Newsletter Sign Up

If you register your email address you will be the first to find out any and all new developments about myself and the band, The Kings of Cool. When new information becomes available on things such as single releases, tour dates, public appearances, videos, contests and so on we'll let you know!


Take a second to check out some of our fan mail. Send us some of your own and in this section you can send me a question, I'll try my best to answer it. If I do, I will post it on the forum.


Stop in here if you want to watch one of my past music videos. Over the years I've had 13 music videos air on CMT Canada, now you can see them on www.ricktippe.com. Every month we will be taking a poll of which of my past music videos you want to see. Head to 'Pick the Rick Video of the Month' and be sure to vote. Stay tuned to see if your choice got the most votes!


The biography section features an updated biography of yours truly and for the first time, of the boys in the band, Chris, Chris and Bruce, you know, The Kings of Cool. You may remember them as the Party Down Posse. Even though the band has a new name, take some time to read up on their history by visiting their bio.


We have a brand new online store with new pricing and a few new items. One little surprise is a bundle of very limited CD singles and extended play CDs that we originally sent out to radio stations and dance clubs. Some of the titles are more limited than others so once they're gone, they're gone. If you are into collecting rare and limited edition CDs then this bundle is totally for you. The store will open on August 19, 2007.


This section is another interactive area of the site. Heck, I even posted some pictures I've taken! If you have a picture related to me or the band send it in and we'll be sure to post it too. Make sure you let us know who is in the picture as well as where and when it was taken.


Check in here for links to our favorite radio stations, dance clubs, choreographers, fellow recording artists and other music related sites. If you have a site you'd like to link to us please let us know and we'll get'er done!

Talent Buyers

A special section where talent buyers can log on with a private password and get access to our press kit which contains publicity photos, an official press biography, technical requirements and the Rick Tippe promotional video.

New CD and Contest coming soon!

I have a new CD coming out in November. It features ten new songs that I can't wait for you to hear. Unfortunately, this CD doesn't have a title yet. You may have noticed along side my picture on the home page there is a white box that contains the heading 'Pick The Name of Rick Tippe's New CD Contest'. We are going to run a contest here at www.ricktippe.com where you'll get a say on what the CD title should be. One lucky winner will receive $1,000 plus some other cool prizes just for taking the time to tell us what their favorite song is on my new CD. Everyone else who enters will receive $5 off of their first copy of my new CD when they order it here at www.ricktippe.com. Be sure to register your vote! The contest will start in September and run for six weeks into October. This is gonna be FUN!

So, kick off your shoes and stay a while. I hope you enjoy OUR new website. We will be actively keeping it up to date so if you have any comments or ideas please let us know. Like I said earlier, I can't wait to get out on the road with The Kings of Cool and play our new music for y'all!

Thanks for stopping by, come on back now ya hear!

- Rick