Rick Tippe was born into country music, the eldest son of CCMA and BCCMA Hall of Fame member Elmer Tippe. Rick grew up in Maple Ridge, BC where as a child he played minor hockey and took guitar lessons. Rick's dream was to be a songwriter, at 11 years old he began to write. He got his first break as a songwriter at 16 when his dad recorded three of his songs and released two of them to Canadian country radio. Shortly after Rick graduated from high school and landed a job at the Hammond Saw Mill. He then married his high school sweetheart, Bonnie. Together they raised their two sons, Tyler and Cameron.

Three years after beginning at the mill Rick switched careers and moved into the construction trade, building residential homes. Every now and then as the years went by he would pick up his guitar and write a few songs. It wasn't until 1990 that the real possibility of living his dream as a professional songwriter came to be. Rick was asked by Chris Rolin, Rick's current guitar player, to build a small recording studio in his home. Rick did the job but the two also put together some catchy tunes, it was Rick's voice you would have heard on the demos. Together they formed The Rick Tippe Duo and began performing at local pubs and small venues. In 1992 they recorded their first extended play CD. Chris did not want much of the lime light so this album was released under the name Rick Tippe.

In 1993 while Rick and Chris were the opening act for Rick's dad and Don Williams they got to know a member of Don's band, Dave Pomeroy. Dave had been working along side Trisha Yearwood's producer, Garth Fundis. Dave invited the guys to Nashville where he produced Rick's first two albums Should'a Seen Her Comin' and Get Hot Or Go Home. These two albums were a great success, especially on Canadian country radio where they combined for 12 Top 40 singles.

In February 1994 Rick hit the stage with his first ever band, Stetson Moon. The band was comprised of Chris Rolin on lead guitar, Chris Meister on drums and Bruce Morrison on bass. In late 1995 Rick released his first of 13 music videos for CMT Canada She Could Have It All.

In 1998 Rick, Chris Rolin and Raymond Arthur Harvey took on the job of producing Rick's first album to be recorded in Canada. Shiver 'n' Shake was a great success with four more Top 40 singles on Canadian country radio. The title track Shiver 'n' Shake made it into the Top 10.

By 1999 Rick had six music videos airing on CMT Canada, lucky number seven would be different as Rick took on the role of video producer. Working once again with Director Stephano Barberis and Director of photography Adam Sliwinski, Rick's first video production was Triple Threat. This fun rockin' music video was complete with special effects, it was a runaway hit on CMT Canada. Rick would go on to produce six of his next seven music videos.

By this time Rick was also gaining notoriety for his on stage performances and was being hailed as the, "Most exciting entertainer north of Garth Brooks!" With all the success of the previous six years Rick was set to release The Best of Rick Tippe. This CD featured 13 of his previous Top 40 singles along with three new songs, all of which would become instant Top 40 singles.

In early, 2000 Rick was asked by his friend, Deb Crew, to write a song for her friend Norma Curzon Downes who, at the time, was an eight year cancer survivor. Norma had beaten incredible odds and after reading Norma's inspirational story Rick agreed to write the song with two goals in mind. First, raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Second, raise people's spirits by sharing Norma's amazing story. Both goals have been accomplished and Keepin' The Faith is the most rewarding song Rick has written to date.

In 2002 Rick released his fourth studio album Singin' A Different Tune. This album produced four Top 40 singles as well as two more Rick Tippe music videos for CMT Canada. It was followed in 2004 with the release of two more Top 40 singles Works For Me and The Luckiest Guy.

After 12 years of working hard in the music business Rick felt he needed a break from writing and recording. Over the next two years he would perform a few shows, finish renovating his current home and indulge in his hobby - collecting Hot Wheels. In 2003 Rick was commissioned by Mattel to write, produce and perform the song Hot Wheels for the 35th Anniversary of their fantastic little toy cars. Copies of this song are extremely limited, only three thousand were produced and they were given out to the attendees of the 17th Annual Hot Wheels Newsletter Convention in Irvine, California.

During the two year hiatus, Rick's band and fans kept encouraging him to return to his music career. In July 2006 Rick approached his dad, Elmer, about forming a father-son act. Elmer said yes and Rick began writing songs for the new project. Over the next four months Rick would write seven new songs while simultaneously recording tracks for this album. Unexpectedly, Elmer suffered a stroke in late November, work on the father-son project stopped. Rick's priorities took a dramatic turn as he spent most of the next six weeks being with his dad as he recovered.

By January 2007, with Elmer doing much better, Rick was able to once again focus on his music career. As it was unknown how long it would take for Elmer to make a full recovery, the father-son project remained on hold.

Rick once again found himself as a solo artist. He began the process of writing and recording his first solo album in over five years. Rick took a fresh new approach, he began to write about subjects that he had never written about before.

"The time off and away from the business was just what I needed. What happened to my dad reinforced what I have always believed. Life is precious and we need to make the most of every day while we are here. I am happy to say that dad is doing well and personally, I once again have that drive and desire I had 15 years ago about my music. I can't wait to get out on stage with the band and share it with everyone that will listen".

September 2007 Rick Tippe will release the first single from his new CD. The story continues...